Thursday, 11 February 2010

Lloyd Wellington - routing the truss rod channel

The headstock surface clean, flat and square.  This is a great piece of old, dense mahogany that was given to me by my friend The Cledwin who was given it by the wife of a local wood turner who passed away.  Its a terrific piece and Ive still got 5 necks worth in my stock!  Cledwin, incidently, tipped a load of used motor oil over the original pieces, but a nifty bit of trimming saved them from damage.  *Cledwin hangs head in shame*

Ive made the fingerboard surface perfectly flat and square with my no.5 and block planes, measured against my precision straight edge. The headstock surface was then shaped at a 14 degree angle to the plane of the fingerboard.  The angle of the headstock is an often debated issue with guitar makers, as it will affect the break angle over the nut and so the apparent tension of the strings. 

A couple of photos of me setting up and lining the router ready for the 10mm wide cut.  Ill do multiple cuts, initially 2 mm each pass, until i eventually get to a depth of 10.7 mm.  This is the perfect depth for the truss rod and the thin layer of ply Ill lie across it.

The finished cut, in the last photo you can see where Ive carried on out over the headstock for 20 mm to make a good access recess to the truss rod nut.

Hopefully Ill be installing the truss rod tomorrow....

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