Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Summer shenanigans pt1

Ive closed the workshop up for the summer as Ive been spending the past few months working at various music festivals and shows, although I have been able to get some repairs and set ups done in between events.  Ill post a few pics here just for general interest....then come September Ive got an interesting acoustic project and two Telecasters to build by Xmas, woo-hoo!

Here you can see myself and the Milky Bar Kid at the Rock City Crew HQ in Plymouth doing our telescopic forklift training ready for the festival season.

First festival of the year was at the Isle of Wight and here's my view during tea break, enjoying the sound of  Doves on a sunny afternoon :)

Tools of the job, Venus and the moon from my bunk and a round of teas for the boys.  Good times!

Next up was Paul McCartney gig at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, I worked with the site co ordinator Carl Martin, did the production in and show day change overs.  A great image that is stuck in my mind while sat back stage is of Paul and his entourage making their way to the stage, with guitar and wine bottles, singin "Hey Hey we're the Monkees!"  very amusing.  Very friendly and chatted with a lot of the crew.

Here's the stage build in progress:

Off to Abersoch, North Wales next for Wakestock Festival, heres a few backstage pics.  Feeder in action, a view of the backstage chaos and a sunset view from the main stage loading bay:

Next up is Field Day and Bestival but until then Ive managed to get some repairs in and a couple of effects pedal projects.  Ill post some pics of the pedal build this week and also of a killswitch install thats quite interesting......meanwhile Ill leave you with a beautiful image of a highly professional stage crew member named the Milky Bar Kid doing what he does best ;)

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