Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Telecaster project......

Quite a busy schedule up to Xmas at the moment and Ive started this Telecaster project today.  In this photo I'm preparing the birds eye maple neck timber.  Ive surfaced and made flat the gluing side and here I'm thicknessing.

I'm routing the truss rod channel, leaving access at the headstock as there's nothing more annoying than trying to set up a strat or tele type guitar with the truss rod access buried in the body cavity!  I'm using a 10mm router bit and have lined up the cut against a straight edge clamped to the work bench.

Ive thicknessed the headstock area ready for inlay and tuner drilling.  Ive also left plenty of waste here at the nut area to make a smooth curving transition from fingerboard to headstock.
Pic below I'm surfacing and thicknessing a piece of walnut for the fingerboard. Lately I've been enjoying adding pieces with detail or figure to my fingerboards.  This guitar will have a lighter band running along the bass strings of the fingerboard.   In the right photo I'm shooting a straight edge on the blank in preparation for laying out the shape and dimensions of the fingerboard.

Sawing the fret slots in this photo.
The walnut birds-eye maple combination is going to work really well with the lighter band that runs through the fingerboard.

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