Monday, 15 November 2010

A Few Repairs......Part 1

Here are a few of the repairs that I've had over the past few months, just to show the variety of some of the interesting projects that pass through the workshop.

A couple of photos of Dan Hasssells kill switch install. The signal is grounded, and therefore silenced, by the momentary switch to create a staccato effect that's been popularised by Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine.

The initial hole into the control cavity in the top photo emerges into the circular recess Ive created for the switch in the top left of the second photo.
The finished switch is below:

Next is Edwyns bargain buy Washburn, he bought it for £20 at a house clearance and brought it round for me to replace the plastic nut and saddle with new bone versions which I will make from scratch.

The new nut is beginning to take shape, just finished roughing it in here before I restring and cut the slots.

Matching the camber of the fingerboard on the saddle for an even playing feel across the guitar.


Here you can see Ive pencilled in the string thickness compensation to get the intonation just right.

Ill add some others later this week because at the moment BLOGGER IS ABSOLUTELY DOING MY NUT IN!!

might be time to move to Wordpress!

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