Monday, 6 June 2011

...a few photos of some recent activity.....

John Dixons Gibson 347 P-49 pick up replacement project.

keeping the bits in order....

Using dental floss to keep trackof the components during the tricky job of dragging the gubbins out and in.

all of the components dragged out of the pick up cavity. 

using a ply template to wire up the new pots and capacitors.

abracadabra...its all back in...this was a troublesome project, I struggled with grounding and phase issues.

SHane dropped his Gibson Les Paul and cracked the neck through the headstock area, a common break.  The headstock clung to life purely by the thickness of the headstock veneer.  Shane stills cries himself to sleep at night :)

injecting glue into the crack, thank you Boots the chemist needle exchange.
Just experimenting inlaying a Madagascan ammonite into a block of mahogany for a possible future headstock inlay.

ok for a first attempt, all the stumbling blocks and tricky issues have been uncovered, anyone volunteering their headstock??

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