Wednesday, 27 July 2011

(Another) New Workshop....2nd in 6 months guddammit!!

Great light in here, its North facing so no direct sunlight, ideal :)

Unbelievably Ive had to move my workshoip again, thats twice in 6 months.  The property owner sold the last place so it was time to move again.  The new place is great though, its bigger and cheaper and in a busy yet mellow spot.  Im also going to have a great view of the Rholben when the leaves fall....
So I'm now at:
Ov Guitars
8A The Chocolate Factory
Union Road West

Please visit, i brought the kettle over....
Electronics corner, happy in its new home.

Local jazz maverick Jason Ball came round to get some care and attention inflicted upon his Tele.  All fixed and hes a happy Flame Haired Jazz CannonBall :)

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