Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Tru Oil on Spalted Ash

I've got loads of exciting projects lined up for this year!  Not only have I got a 6 month waiting list for hand made guitars, I'm also booked as a guitar tech for two UK tours this year already. Last year was very disrupted due to various workshop issues, but its going to be a great year and I'm going to keep this blog up to date. 

The acoustic I'm working on at the moment is to have a tru oil finish.  The tonewood above is for a telecaster thats been ordered, its also going to have a tru oil finish.  I thought I'd use an off-cut to practice on before I finish the acoustic.  Not only is it a good warm up exercise, but its also a good opportunity to try and point out the qualities of tru oil finishes.  However, catching the full glory of this oil with a digital compact isn't as easy as i'd hoped!

The tru oil really brings out the character in this Spalted Ash piece, you can see the warmth it adds and how the lateal ripple really stands out.  It looks good, plays great and smells wonderful!  When I eventually get round to finishing this Tele I'll post the whole process on here....

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